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Rachel B.


title: owner, hairstylist


Rachel enjoys creating  low maintenance blondes and brunettes, but occasionally dabbles with  natural reds and coppers. As a color specialist with years of experience and education, she is able to provide each client the perfect custom color.


Her  ultimate goal is to cultivate a business that reflects a high standard of kindness, community, and professionalism. Rachel is dedicated to giving her clients beautiful, healthy hair and empowering other stylists to do the same! 


When she's not in the salon and is at home -  you can find her cuddled up with her dog, Luna, reading her latest Book Of The Month. She loves to travel and often spends her time outside of the salon exploring new destinations with friends and family. 


Jade M.


title: Hairstylist

Jade graduated from Morgantown Beauty College in September, 2023. During her schooling she found a passion for creating low maintenance, healthy hair styles. While Jade enjoys blonding services, her brunette clients hold a special place in her heart.  Her ability to enhance or create rich brunettes is what sets her apart from the rest! 


When she's not in the salon she is more than likely binging friends, or reading a cheesy romance novel. This summer you can find her at the beach swimming in the ocean living her best mermaid life.

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